Stuart Perkins, Head of Senior Recruitment and Talent

Jennie has a very refreshing approach to challenging the status quo, encouraging colleagues to, where appropriate, find better and more effective ways to deliver.

Karen Shepperson, Director of People

Bold and creative .....business focused ... always willing to go the extra mile ...covering corporate and technical training, engagement and culture change, large scale event management and leadership and talent development as well as the development elements of large scale change programmes....

Ruth McQuinn, Training Lead

Unstinting in her sharing of intellectual property -'stuff' she knew, you could have; all those models, she was able to apply to your particular situation. And it was such fun! Jennie is one of those people you want on your team, as not only will the work get done (really well, including those...

Jane Burch, HR specialist

Takes a true business partnership approach to work with clients, ensuring that they get what they need (which is not necessarily what they originally may think they want). She demonstrates a rare combination of creativity and logic when working on assignments, to ensure that all avenues are...

Stephen Douthart, Halfords

I'm glad to say that in my own experience following my journey with Jennie, things have worked out better than I could ever hoped for. With Jennie her true power and why I highly recommend anyone to avail of her services is that she will help unlock the ability to make change improvements stick...

Amy Bodey, Change Manager UoB

Nothing fazes Jennie, she is hugely pragmatic. She has a fantastic talent in speedily assessing and 'getting' the culture of an organisation before coming up with ingenious ideas to fix any problems and build on what is working well.

Paul Gausden, Consultant

She will always go the extra mile to achieve outstanding results and is always prepared to challenge the 'accepted way of doing things' and follow her instincts to get the best possible outcome for the business and colleagues within it.

Katy Biddle, Project Specialist

Jennie is a pleasure to work with. She clearly brings a wealth of experience with her ... she identifies what needs to be done and gets the right people in place to move things forward, with strong leadership, direction and the ability to communicate at all levels,

Rob Harrison UK GM Accolade Wines

I have worked with Jennie for just over 18 months as my retained Exec Coach within my capacity running the UK business at Accolade wines.
Jennie has been of huge benefit to me in helping navigate my way initially into the new leadership role and latterly as a key sounding board for my...

Amberley Jenkins Bristol Community Health

Jennie designed and delivered 3 bespoke training modules for Bristol Community Health. Train the trainer, First line management and goal setting and performance reviews.

She ensured she thoroughly understood our business and the challenges we face, including reading many of our policies...

Marie Fergusson, Project Manager, University of Bristol

Jennie is one of those rare people you will always want on your team and who inspires those around her.

She provided a great combination of skills, knowledge and experience in change management, training and engagement, but most of all enabled the rest of the team to achieve and deliver...

Jayne Oram, Assistant HR Director, University of Bristol

Jennie worked as the Lead for Change, Engagement and Training on a project to deliver an integrated system across HR, Payroll and Finance.  She joined midway through the project and quickly got up to speed with project timelines and significant gateways. This was not without its challenges given...