Helping Leaders Lead

I collated a few soundbites recently from delegates who have been participating in one of our Leadership programmes.  Improgresso designed and delivered a comprehensive package, including off job modules, coaching, project work and support and challenge groups. It’s great to hear how we have been able to help people, and hear them saying things such as that shown in the quotes below. I always love how indidviduals take such different things from the content and are able to apply the learning and make such a difference at work. Hope to keep it coming!

  • I now believe in myself more.
  • It’s been a safe environment – I feel more confident and more aware of how to influence and negotiate.
  •  It’s been useful to get feedback on how others view me. Good talking through subject areas and having self-reflection. Dealing with my inner thinking, and improved assertiveness and confidence. Now stopping to think ‘why’! I have improved time management and ditched the guilt!
  • Inner critic has been minimised! Have increased self-belief. With the modules, thoroughly enjoyed networking and using the tools from the modules. Challenged people’s perceptions and beliefs and had healthy discussions.
  • I’ve been in management for 15 years or so – I went into this thinking do I really want a programme at this time. I’ve learned so much. The ability to network, analyse, tools to take away such as difficult comms, understanding personality types, it’s been really good. The facilitators are good. I’ve felt valued and listened to. It’s all been so relevant.
  • I had an epiphany. It’s given me a lot of confidence to face challenges. It’s been a game changer.
  • It’s helped me in gaining confidence in my role as a leader – knowing what good looks like. It’s definitely made me observe others in different ways. It’s made me realise what motivates me. Others say you can tell I’m doing this programme – they’ve noticed a change in me.  I’m less opinionated, I reflect, my relationships with people are better, I think I’m more liked… I’ve turned on more warmth. It’s been good to question and refine behaviour.
  • It’s given me the tools to invest in myself and enabled me to invest in others. I am doing my job with more purpose e.g having difficult conversations and knowing how to do it with the right outcome. I’m better, more efficient. It’s been great meeting other people from different areas and sharing similar issues.
  • I have lots of real business examples of where things are improved as a result of changes I have made in my behaviour
  •  I was so pleased with some unsolicited feedback asking “what has changed…. What are you doing differently?”
  • The whole leadership programme has made me more able to understand why people respond to things and how to interact appropriately
  • Really good tools to use and apply to my leadership role
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