How often do you reflect on your own performance or future plans, review how things are going and set actions for the future?
Are there individuals you know who could benefit from focused one to one time to consider their approach or next steps?
Do you ever wonder why people approach things in such a different way to you? 

We can offer dedicated coaching support having spent many years coaching middle managers, senior leaders and board directors.  We work with bespoke and popular leadership models and behavioural diagnostics such as MBTI and Firo B to support development and deliver behavioural change using challenging questions to enable people to explore their own approaches. We recognise the different personality and operating preferences individuals have, and encourage people to find relevant and effective options for enhancing performance.We have a strong focus on adding value to the organisation and the individual in a measurable way. We work with clients to develop realistic solutions they are comfortable to work with that will deliver the change and impact they want.